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This month’s free music podcast comes from Steven Sweet of Fort Worth, TX and this ones a slamma. Steven may currently reside in the American Southwest but his roots are deeply planted in the heartland of techno. Steven grew up in Michigan not far from techno’s birthplace, Detroit, and his high bpm, slammin style incorporates Detroit’s past as well as heavy influence from European hard techno. Enjoy

Tracklisting | Twilight Frequencies Podcast 023 | Steven Sweet

1. Lewis Fautzi – Connections
2. Calculus – Silurus (Patrick Siech Amnesia Mix)
3. Mr. Bizz – Onward
4. Mr. Bizz – Ordinary
5. Mr. Bizz – Exit
6. Gary Beck – Funk up High
7. Mike Maass – Blind (Snello remix)
8. Snello – Walking on a Cloud
9. Andres Gil – Out of Space (Snello rmx)
10. M.I.D.I. – The Bein ( Snello rmx)
11. Dacido & Meta – Save My Slut
12. Ruzhynski – Psychosis (Klinika rmx)
13. Pucet – Grey Sky (Deh-Noizer)
14. Worda – Ljubav
15. Worda – The Feeling
16. xpansul & Alessio Mereu – Moldy Oscillator ( Sasha Carassi rmx)

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