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This month’s free music podcast is a short and lush mix composed of all original music from Mountain Range: Born from a love of Post Rock bands, endless mugs of tea, romanticizing Iceland and watching ‘Youtube’ videos of ‘Baths’. Shropshire born musician Stuart Thomas started writing music under the moniker of ‘Mountain Range’ in the summer of 2010. Blending washes of guitars and electronic beats, over the past year he has started to develop a small following in various pockets of the internet.


Twilight Frequencies: Tell us about the podcast, what was your overall direction in making the mix?

Mountain Range: I’ve never done this before, so to be honest, it was just a case of ordering the tracks in a way I thought flowed quite well, I’m just learning as I go really! As I write more stuff I can start to be more selective with various kinds of sets.

TF: You’re original music has such a cerebral feel to it, almost a perfect score to so many different things. What do you believe is at the heart of the sounds coming from your material?

MR: I started writing music that reflected things in my life that make me feel less uncomfortable/safer. I really got into Post Rock about two years ago, and that’s just stuck with me really, everything about the genre is so peaceful, it surrounds you as you listen to it, but it’s still got those aggressive parts, the dynamic really appeals to me. I’ve only just started to tap into writing that really slow, evolving quality of it and want to build on that. The electronic aspect gives it me that element of complete freedom, there are no constraints or rules, matching the two genres up is the goal! And I probably wouldn’t write anything if it wasn’t for Sigur Ros.

TF: If you were to be contacted to do a soundtrack, what do you think that movie would look like? Who would be the ideal director for this film?

MR: I love Wes Anderson, but I don’t think my stuff would work so well with him. The film would I hope be quite Happy, and quite slow, with lots of still cameras on things, like grass and trees. Shropshire basically. Something that could make you cry but in a good way. Like Wes Anderson films.

TF: Other than Mountain Range, what else do you spend your creative energy with? Is there other work you’ve made that comes through similar to the music, i.e. photography or poetry?

MR: I tried to teach myself photography last year with this old SLR I brought, but it really didn’t last very long, I want to pick it back up at some point for promo stuff, I use a friends photos at the moment that work really well. Other than that I used to draw a lot, but again, not very well, I’d like to tie things like that in.

TF: If you were walking through the woods blindfolded, what would your mind imagine in front of you?

MR: An armchair and mug of coffee. Boring I know. Worrying. Should I have said something more meaningful? A reassuring Deer then.

TF: Pick a color that best fits your sound, and then pick one thing to go with it.

MR: Dark Red. And a wooly knitted jumper.

TF: Is there an album in the works?

MR: I’d love to put out an EP, but I’d wouldn’t really be able to market it, and Soundcloud has the online side of stuff covered, so maybe when I get some more gigs going it’d be nice to have something people could take home. I’ll just continue writing and writing and see what people think, that might then become an EP.

TF: What would be the coolest thing to happen with Mountain Range?

MR: Every summer I spend hours watching festival coverage. I love festivals but never get to go to any, so playing at any festival really, at any time, to anyone. Thats my single aim of Mountain Range for the next ten plus years.

Tracklisting | Twilight Frequencies Podcast 022 | Mountain Range

1. Pylons
2. With Skates
3. The Secret Message (Mountain Range Remix)
4. Bears
5. Sky Chatter
6. And I Will Dance In Your Rays

All music written by Stuart Thomas, aside from track 3, written by Ori.


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