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The Dj Frequencies Podcast was created to help expose and promote fresh talent to the music community and this month’s free podcast couldn’t be a better example of that – being mixed by Ratwo, aka Andrei Radoi, a 17 year old producer/dj from Romania. We are also pleased that this is our first Dubstep/DnB podcast. Check out the short interview below and Ratwo’s social sites online while you listen.

TF: Give us a summation on this podcast you’ve put together for us.
Ratwo: In this mix I’ve tried to choose the best drum&bass and dubstep songs. Therefore, the hardest part was to choose the tracks. The mix is starting with some chill dubstep, then making its way into drum&bass and some hardcore dubstep, ending with one of my favorite songs.

TF: Where do you reside?
Ratwo: I live in Bucharest, Romania.

TF: How long have you been DJing/producing?
Ratwo: I’ve been producing for two years and as a DJ for only one year.

TF: What styles are most predominant for you?
Ratwo: As a DJ, I like mixing drum&bass and dubstep and I really like those songs with a dark feeling into them like 16bit and Distance. I also like machine-sound dubstep like Persist/Genetix.

TF: What equipment did you use for this podcast?
Ratwo: I’ve used Traktor PRO software and a Numark M2 mixer. For the final mp3 I’ve used Sony Vegas to maintain the volume.

TF: Any projects you are currently working on?
Ratwo: At the moment I’m working on my own songs, experimental stuff and also thinking of doing some short mash-up mixes. I’ll be uploading both my mixes and songs to soundcloud and my youtube channel.

You can also follow Ratwo on twitter to see what he’s up to.

Tracklist for Twilight Frequencies Podcast 019 | Ratwo

1. 16bit – Shallow
2. Mark Pritchard – King Kong
3. Vex’d – Heart Space
4. Benga – The Cut
5. Biome – Feeling Good
6. Bar 9 – Selled Souls
7. Spor – Overdue
8. John B feat. Shaz Sparks – Red Sky (Subsonik & Smooth remix)
9. The Wildlife Collective – I Need A Dollar
10. Ozma – Phantoma (Sub Zero Remix)
11. Marilyn Manson – This Is A New Shit (Ashley Remix)
12. Tek9 – Cockney Thug
13. Persist – This Sound VIP
14. Dr Philth – Technowank
15. Persist – Crowd Rocka
16. Genetix – Squid Attack
17. Tek9 – Pray
18. Swedish House Mafia – One
19. Cyberoptix – Gheisa
20. Genetix – Original Ruffneck
21. Gemeni – And you
22. Pretty Lights – Finally moving

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