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A few short questions from this month’s free Twilight_Frequencies podcast artist, 27B.

TF: Gimme your interpretation of the mix.

27B: “This mix starts off on a mellow tip and I had planned on keeping it that way, but by the end, I’ve entered the audio equivalent of a space war in a sci-fi film! It’s this type of thing that I love about mixing and listening to others mix … it’s a journey that can start off at one point, and take you in any direction it wants to, sometimes the DJ is at the steering wheel, at other times it seems to be the music leading him.”

TF: Sounds interesting. How was it mixed?

27B: “I used Ableton and a Livid Ohm 64 controller to mix this, but I decided to give it a light touch as far as effects were concerned – I used a touch of beat-repeat and delays here and there, but I really wanted to let the tracks speak for themselves, so for the most part, I let the tracks do the talking.”

TF: What projects are you working on currently?

27B: “I am currently co-promoting a pre-club night in Glasgow called Trench, which we plan to take it onto the club circuit later this year. I also recently began broadcasting a show called “Industry” on internet radio station subcity.org, which allows me the freedom to play what I want, so tune in to hear a selection of the finest in underground house and techno. I will also be releasing some tracks over the summer, catering for the darker, dirtier dancefloors of the world …”

Track Listing: Artist Name, Track Name [Record Label]
1. 27B – Spark [Submoover]
2. Solomun – Boys In The Hood (Gorge Remix) [Futureaudio]
3. Chaton – +91 Ahead Session 1.5 [Plak]
4. Fractious – Brassic [Incorrect]
5. Don Ruijgrok – Smoke [Plastic Rules]
6. D-Unity & Paul Thomas – Transatlantic (Dub Mix) [Beat Therapy]
7. DP-6 – Red Light [DP-6]
8. Manik (NYC) – Pure Liquid [Poker Flat]
9. Myk Derill – Sabotage [Productos BMM]
10. Klein & Meister – Cares (Raiz Remix) [Micro.Fon]
11. Splatter – Mai [Raccoon]
12. Ness – Ancient Crackle [Sonata]
13. Yamil Colucci – Bactriana (Steve Foulds Remix) [Stripped]

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