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Dj frequencies Podcast 010: EH3

Imagine going to an opera and a techno club on the same night. Now imagine that you have just seen the same performer at both shows. This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what EH3 does. Those that know her as Elisabeth, know that she grew up in beautiful sunny Savannah, GA, lightyears away from the I-94 house/techno corridor. But oh how fate can rear its ugly head. Having been classically trained as both a performer and an instructor, this extremely talented vocalist has been performing in front of thousands of people since she was in the 3rd grade. Her amazing vocal range can leave you with water in your eyes, after her solo of “Danny Boy”, yet no one around her growing up would have imagined that she had some other ideas in mind. In listening to this mix, imagine a soft spoken choir director on a Sunday morning singing with a room full of children. Now picture that very same person rocking out parties with her Black Nation crew having everyone bounce off the wall and pissing their pants on the dance floor. (And yes that actually did happen, in Detroit, as one anonymous gentleman from that fine city can attest to).

EH3 (Elisabeth Dowell), Chicago IL – Black Nation Records – techno/house

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Dj Frequencies Podcast 010: EH3 Tracklist:
1. Shapeless in the Dark (Paul EG), Max M, Shapeless in the Dark
2. Burnt It, Rino Cerrone
3. Into the ?, Stefan Z, Into The ???
4. Sun Sun (Matheo Velez), Cristian Moxt, Sun Sun Re-Work 2010
5. Zenith, Gary Beck, Over To You
6. The Worm (Aka Aka), Citizen Kain,Phuture Traxx, The Worm EP
7. Chica Chic, Oliver Klein & Kolombo, Chica Chic EP
8. Lift (Dani Sbert), Min & Mal, Lift EP
9. Recycled Dreams (D Carbone), Punisher,
10.Vix3 (Len Faki), Masuki,
11.Suffolk, Paul Ritch, Canniballs EP
12. Pollinator (Gary Beck), Miki Litvak

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