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Dj Frequencies Podcast 009: React

React is a long-time advocate of techno hailing from the Midwestern United States. Starting out as a participant in the vibrant mid-90’s underground party scene, React got his first taste of proper techno music via mix tapes by the likes of Claude Young, Richie Hawtin, Hyperactive, and Jeff Mills. Around ‘96 he started buying his first vinyls, and by 1999 was a regular DJ on the Midwest rave circuit. During the late ninety’s and through the early millennium he was responsible for a string of legendary parties under the moniker “subsonik” hosting global techno luminaries such as Derrick May, Dave Angel, James Ruskin, Stacey Pullen, James Pennington, Marco Carola, Funk D’Void, and many more. Also during this time React was a staple at what came to be the go-to record store for underground music in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he worked as the house, techno, and drum-n-bass buyer. Since then, React has held steady with his devotion to purist techno, thus embracing the current, past-relevant and celebrated sound of Berghain, Ostgut Ton, Sandwell District, and others. Currently residing in Chicago, React is a successful entrepreneur and owner of an interactive marketing and consulting firm.

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Dj Frequencies Podcast 009 Tracklist:

Shed – Osctrich-Mountain-Square
Paul Brtschitch, Cio D’or – Safran
Shlomi Aber – Create Balance
Gary Beck – Elisse
James Ruskin – Graphic
The Echologist – Dirt (Ben Klock Edit)
Marcel Dettmann – Wound Up (Vincent Kunth Remix)
Shed – Warped Mind
Ben Klock – Goodly feat. Elif Bicer (Robert Hood Remix)
Steve Bug + Cle – Month of Sip (Ben Klock Mix)
Roman Lindau – Adipeux
Peter Van Hoesen – Defence Against Self
Surgeon – Atol
Silent Servant – Violencia (Kalon Mix)
Charlton – Argibalt (Regis U Viv Remix)
DVS1 – Falling
Marcel Dettmann – Screen
Little Nobody – Metropolis How? (James Ruskin Remix)
Regis – Purification
O/V/R – Fallen Night Review
Marcel Dettmann – Shift (Norman Nodge Remix)
Marcel Dettmann – Silex
Peter Van Hoesen – Face of Smoke
Jeff Mills – Fly Guy

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