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Dj Frequencies Podcast 006 by Adam Stolz. Cornbredbeats Volume One.

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Adam Stolz is an active Dj in the city which he currently resides, Chicago, IL. He has upcoming releases on both Prosthetic Pressings (Chicago/DC) and Black Nation (Kalamazoo/Munich/Miami). Adam has some history with the main contributors of Twilight Frequencies. We all matured (I use that loosely) together during the ‘golden age’ of the electronic music party scene. We were strategically scattered between two major birth places of electronic music, Detroit and Chicago… spending many a long nights and early mornings capturing every last bit of sound and inspiration we could physically handle. We moved on to promoting and Djing events to indulge our love for music and soon began investing time into music production as well. We all grew independently from there, each taking a different path yet still bound by our affection for music and the emotions it provokes. We’ve all remained friends and it has been a joy to experience Adam’s growth as an amazing Dj and artist. I see great things on the horizon.

An event not to miss: Saturday August 21st, Adam Stolz will be opening for Alex Bau at The Smartbar in Chicago. Presented by Prosthetic Pressings.

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Words from Adam Stolz:

“Lately, as I’ve reflected on the past, I’ve begun to see things in so many cycles. Friends from the past have come back into focus in my life and I see how well and how great everyone is doing. It’s inspiring to feed off all my friends, especially when everyone is positive and supporting the next man’s venture. Plus it also helps that every single one of my friends is a fucking music snob, and will call out a whack beat faster than you can say “Shoes in the Dryer”.  We have all contributed to each others musical tastes, it’s been an awesome ride and it still continues to be.

Speaking of friends I want to give a enormous shout out and THANK YOU to Twilight Frequencies. You guys are awesome. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. We all go way back and I have seen you guys develop pretty heavily as artists and professionals (and vice versa), but no more moving Cerwin Vega bins around long concrete floors or going to jail for noise violations while your boys still look over your place with 100 slightly tilted people. Ah Good Times, but, we did it because we loved the music. Just the same as we do today!


Whether growing up in Detroit or Chicago you don’t have to drive far to see a corn field, it’s funny to think that as soon as you leave the city….BAM! It’s sometimes never ending, I mean shit, have you driven through Iowa. Jesus! Sorry Iowa, it is seriously nothing personal.  I love ya, I really do, I have some friends from Iowa, so we’re cool. Anyway sorry.. corn… like I said. It feeds us, keeps us warm, gives us energy…and it’s even used to convey messages. One could say, that the Rural/Urban (lets call it ‘Ruralban’) societies based around these Midwest cities plays an integral part in the development of (the soul of) music since the beginning of the 20th century. It’s that soul you feel in a great house track. You can’t explain it. You can only feel it. And that is the best part. I love music that comes from the ground up! As it’s trying to move you.

So, by this point, you should be laughing. Seriously, that’s the idea. Why do something fun, that I love, and not have a sense of humor about it? It’s an escape. But!!!! not posing ‘Sven Vath’ style on a magazine cover painted up like KISS. We don’t necessarily need to have that much fun.

Cornbredbeats is a funny name and sounds weird saying it, but it has YET to NOT resonate with any one of my friends who hear about it. Come on, it’s pretty hilarious to think about the relationship of root house/techno culture so close to this boring, flat, cold, and yet somehow amazingly fertile soil.  So yes, to some funny degree: corn bred beats.

And with that… volume one.


Dj Frequencies Podcast via iTunes

Dj Frequencies Podcast 006 by Adam Stolz. Cornbredbeats Volume One.
1)    Blood & Tears – Falling Down (Topper Remix) on KarateKlub
2)    Groovik – Crystal (Original Mix) on Freaky Vibes
3)    Neal White – FM Melodie In E-Moll (Diffus Remix) on Eminor Records
4)    Beckers, Gabe – Hell’s U (Original Mix) on Sprout
5)    Kaiserdisco – Carambolo on MBF
6)    Rino Cerrone – Fly House on Rilis
7)    Daniel Stefanik – Tripiando Los Colores (Original Mix) on Mobilee
8)    Responz – Expectation of Noize (Nikitin Re-Dub Mix) on Low Flow Records
9)    Adam Stolz – Bumleg Bounce (unreleased)
10)  Luca Morris – Ribotrex on Terminal M

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