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Laces twilight frequencies podcast mix

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“The multiplication of sounds through other sounds, equals the distance between the beginning and the end.” –Laces–

In this volume, entitled “SPUR,” Laces uses an experimental means to project the tone. It’s a mash up, coupling unlikely artists to form an adventure, glimmering with enough changes to keep the mood shifting.  Stay Tuned for more volumes by Laces, and the upcoming record.

Track List for twilight_frequencies Podcast 002 – Laces:

“Shall Noise Upon” Apollo Sunshine

“Brotherhood Of Death” Apollo Sunshine

“Watching The Planets” The Flaming Lips

“Cms Sequence” The Sea And Cake

“Down From Above” Vetiver

“Nancy Adam Susan” Working For A Nuclear Free City

“Good Looks” Night Control

“White Light/White Heat” The Velvet Underground

“Demon Lover Improv” Jolie Holland

“Quick Canal” Atlas Sound

“River of Brakelights” Julian Casablancas

“Ephermeral Artery” Neon Indian

“Cassius 1999” Cassius

“Singing Butterfly” Beachwood Sparks

“Just Like The Tom Thumbs Blues” Bob Dylan

“Chicago New York” The Aislers Set

“Conquest II” Royal Bangs

“Generations Games” Laces

“Tunnelvision” Here We Go Magic

“Oh Ho!” Andrew Bird

“Colours” Dean & Britta

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