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Dj Frequencies Podcast 001: BlakeAndrew: A Techno mix that, for me, embodies the prevailing forces of techno we saw in 2009. Based on true minimal, dub techno and a few dance floor anthems. You’ll hear plenty of Sandwell District contributors, Ostgut Ton, new emerging artists, the return of deep, pounding gems to Blueprint and the reaffirmation that legends like Joey Beltram can remix a track from mediocre, background tech house into iconic, dance floor stopping techno.

1.    ‘Yaki’  Marcel Fengler , Ostgut Ton
2.    ‘Variance – Reduced Edit’  Function, Sandwell District
3.    ‘Critical Mass – Monoloc Remix’  Brian Sanhaji, CLR
4.    ‘The Bi-Machine’  Sub Space (Julien & Gonzague), Labrynth
5.    ‘Subzero – Sandwell District Remix’  Ben Klock, Ostgut Ton
6.    ‘Electric City – Function Remix’  Terence Fixmer, Electric Deluxe
7.    ‘Face Of Smoke – Casual Reconstruction’  Peter Van Hoesen, Time To Express
8.    ‘Gmork’  Walter Ercolino, Lucy, Stroboscopic Artefacts
9.    ‘Work Softer – Matador Remix’  Perc, Perc Trax
10.   ‘Frozen Fog’  Pantha Du Prince, Dial Records
11.    ‘Audio 1995#8’   T++, Apple Pips
12.    ‘Earth’  Smash TV, Bpitch Control
12.    ‘Haiku’  Kalon, Sandwell District
13.    ‘Variance 4 – Regis Edit’  Function, Sandwell District
14.    ‘Fallen Night Renew’  O/V/R, Blueprint Records
15.    ‘Friction’  Marcel Fengler, Ostgut
16.    ‘Let’s Take It Back – Joey Beltram Remix’  Abe Duque, Blake Baxter, Process Recordings
17.    ‘Solution’ James Ruskin, Blueprint Records
18.    ‘Coney Island’  Ben Klock, Ostgut Ton
19.    ‘The Wipe – Rex Sepulveda Remix’  Teste, Plus 8 Records
20.    ‘Immolate Yourself – Thomas Muller Mix’  Telefon Tel Aviv, Bpitch Control
21.    ‘Demonstration’  Silent Servant, Sandwell District
22.    ‘3.2’  Frozen Border 3, Frozen Border

The inception of the Dj Frequencies Podcast begins a new chapter of this blog. The podcast is a free download that will be available here on the Blog and on iTunes. There will be a new hour long podcast every other Monday arranged and mixed by a different independent artist and/or dj. The range of music to be featured will be as wide as our daily music content here on the blog: anything from techno and house, to indie and folk, to ambient and dubstep…

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