Plastikman Mix by JPLS, Free Music Friday


Next weekend, when Plastikman takes to the Coachella stage on Sunday night, it will mark only the second time the alter-ego of Detroit-Berlin techno legend Richie Hawtin has performed under the guise in six years (the first 2010 Plastikman show happened last weekend in Germany.)

To celebrate the return of one of the most compelling icons in electronic music, Hawtin personally selected Minus recording artist and fellow Midwest native Jeremy Jacobs (JPLS) to mix this special collection of Plastikman tracks taken from over a decades worth of classic minimal techno. (via

Download Plastikman Mix by JPLS


“Lost” / Closer
“Are Friends Electrik” / Artifakts Bc
“Psyk” / Artifakts Bc
“Slow Poke” / Closer
“Plasticine” / Sheet One
“Krakpot” / Recycled Plastik
“Naturalistik” / Recycled Plastik
“Kink” / Nostalgik (-2)
“Aquatik” / Nostalgik (-1)
“Marbles” / Musik
“Hypokondriak” / Artifakts Bc
“Sickness” / Sickness
“Kriket” / Musik
“Gak” / Sheet One
“Okx” / Sheet One
“Convulse” / Consumed
“Cor Ten” / Consumed
“Ekko” / Consumed

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