Rothbury Festival 2009

Word is the Rothbury Festival is on for 2009, 4th of July weekend. Plans are to continue the event at the Double JJ resort even though it is currently in bankruptcy court and will be searching for new ownership. Double JJ is located in southern Oceana County,  near Muskegon Michigan. Last years inaugural environmentally themed, … Continue reading “Rothbury Festival 2009”

Touch. The New Beatport

The last sense to be featured before the launch of the new beatport is touch. I have to say, they’ve saved some of the best additions for last (as they should). What’s the real focus? Functionality. A very inventive piece, for any website, is the new docking feature. Both the playlist and MyBeatport can be … Continue reading “Touch. The New Beatport”

iTunes Loosens Their Belt, Finally

Apple recently announced iTunes, the largest digital music e-retailer, will change it’s pricing structure and offer music without restrictions. Frankly, I’m not sure how they made it so far with the restrictions alone. Aside from the fact it’s extremely easy for iPod users to purchase music from the service and they really had no competition … Continue reading “iTunes Loosens Their Belt, Finally”

Torq 1.5, Update to Digital Dj Software

One of the newest digital Dj softwares, which has received numerous praise, has announced an update which promises innovative new creative tools and workflow enhancements. Torq 1.5 brings even more creative options to the only digital DJ workstation designed to merge live DJ performance and advanced music production. New features in Torq 1.5 software include … Continue reading “Torq 1.5, Update to Digital Dj Software”

See the New Beatport

Ahem. Excuse me, let me remove my foot from my mouth. Last entry I told you the biggest piece the MyBeatport section was missing, the ability to mark individual tracks as favorites. Well, instead of adding it to the MyBeatport section, they’ve decided to add a whole new separate function labeled the Hold Bin (better … Continue reading “See the New Beatport”

Smell the New Beatport

The next set of updates to 4.0 somehow are associated with your sense of smell. Well, they had to try to get all five in right? They’ve upgraded My Beatport; you know, the small window section in the lower left hand corner where you can save your favorite artists and labels for quick navigation. So … Continue reading “Smell the New Beatport”

Taste the New Beatport

The next set of new Beatport features have been presented allowing you to satisfy your thirst for new music. This set of features revolves mostly around greater ability to filter your music searches. Like by adding a new button allowing you to strictly search through “dj mixes.” They’ve also simplified some navigation buttons, so it … Continue reading “Taste the New Beatport”

Hear the New Beatport 4.0

This coming January Beatport, a leader in electronic dance music downloads, will be unavailing a new and improved 4.o version. The update claims the improvements will engage all five of your senses. Most of it sounds like a gimmick, but the vision they have presented is intriguing…and the flashy promotional movie definitely gets my circuitry … Continue reading “Hear the New Beatport 4.0”