No Budget Filmmakers Strike A Major Chord!

“No budget Films have branched off to become the newest and most exciting form of art in modern America.”

PART ONE : The Film

“No budget Films have branched off to become the newest and most exciting form of art in modern America.”

These are the words of Jacob Boyd, a no-budget film maker who recently directed what I believe to be an important piece of art. Our society is changing, and there is a growing feeling that people are losing their sense of humanity. People want to see other people fail, its become the nature of things. The film “Jack French Suicide” sheds light on this revelation. I believe there is truth to this story, so much that throughout its almost seven minutes, you wonder if its real. Jacob Boyd plays himself and does a good job controlling the pace of the film. He plays the antagonist out to get famous by exploiting the suicide of another human being, and he does it well. The star of the film Jamison Stalsworth, who plays Jack, leads you to believe everything he is saying. I think its all in the eyes, and he sells it like a pro. His lack of expression got me thinking this whole thing is really happening, this kids really going to do it. This got me thinking about what I would do if faced with something similar. Would I watch? Would I call anyone? I think I would choose the latter, but the fact that I thought about it compelled me to email Director Jacob Boyd so we could chat a bit, and Twilight could use this platform to show the world this amazing film. Heather Bass plays the girl who tries to save Jack. Her ability to be the light within the dark subject matter made me think that people still have a goodness in their heart, and we are not all inherently bad, but some just lose their way. She has just the right look to give Jack a little hope, but is it enough?  The film is shot well too. The different angles, and edginess fit the script almost perfectly. The last scene of the film was absolutely brilliant, and it reminded me why I enjoy movies in the first place, so kudos to Jacob, and Austin Webb for their wonderful work on the look and feel of the film.

So without Further ado, Twilight Frequencies is proud to present “Jack French Suicide.”

Starring Jamison Stalsworth, Jacob Boyd, and Heather Bass

Produced and Shot By Austin Webb

Written and Directed By Jacob Boyd

One thought on “No Budget Filmmakers Strike A Major Chord!”

  1. I’ve always found voyeurism quite intriguing. What makes a person want to tune in? I lack this part of the thought process. Probably the same reason I have a low tolerance for reality television. This begs the question, however, would I tune in to see something I may never have seen before, or ever see again… like a suicide? I’d be guaranteed to forget it was on anyway, but a good question… would you?

    I think two of the traits I viewed in the short, voyeurism and the desire to succeed at any cost, are kind of grotesque. Desensitization to violence. The desire for fame, popularity or success, or infatuation with those who are famous, popular or successful. The suicide in the short was nothing more than reality TV for 20 million viewers.

    Ending was a bit over the top, in my opinion, but it is a mockumentary after all. But, I want to know… WHO WON THE FIGHT?!

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