Nine Inch Nails and Janes Addiction; NINJA

NINJA Tour Sampler

Trent Reznor hangin’ in the studio last month with Jane’s Addition wasn’t just a time to reminisce and it turns out Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s have been playin together more than just to practice for their upcoming tour. In fact they’ve laid down some tracks to integrate into the new tour and (in 21st century style) have decided to give the ninja 2009 tour sampler away in a free download. The NIN tracks Non-Entity  and Not So Pretty Now bare a deep resemblance to With Teeth. Which is great…I feel Trent may have lost a little free-spirited, simplistic studio experimentation that made his “come back” album, With Teeth, so fucking fresh from mainstream slop. Street Sweeper’s not my gig. Ol school Janes fans will recognize two tracks from their very first album and one brand new. Hot demo style tracks to keep your mouth watering all the way to the ticket booth…

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