NIN:Access iPhone App Rejected, Reznor Frustrated

The recently released free app nin:access for the iphone and ipod touch has been rejected because it contains “objectionable” content. Technically the app (v1.0) is still live, for now. Apple rejected the v1.0.3 updated which was submitted for approval 24 hours after the release of v1.0 to fix bugs for international users (and hopefully those login issues?). Oddly, nothing changed in the “content” of the app; which technically doesn’t really contain the objectionable content, it just accesses the content on the internet (no, no objectionable content anywhere there). Apple named the content as “The Downward Spiral;” not sure if they’re talking about the entire album or the song but the nails crew has removed the song from the sever (available on itunes and on a free podcasts on itunes, no objections there) in hopes of future approval. The greatest part is the extremely vague description of the content and complete lack of suggestions for resubmitting the approval. Read the full rejection and Trent’s thoughts

Grow up Apple, what year are you living in anyways…I’ve had more objectionable content come through on my fax machine. Stop letting the computers make decision’s from algorithms and get some nerd with taste on the project. I’ve heard nothing but praise for Apple from Reznor in the past. He even released his first public remix content (wow, has he come a long way since then) strictly in Garage Band, shortly after it’s conception, just to encourage people to use Mac. Now look what they’ve done… you don’t wanna fuck with a stone-sold sober rock star who’s been pumping iron instead partying for over 4 years just waiting for a chance to take out some aggression. Your move Apple.

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