New UNKLE Album

UNKLEJames Lavelle has confirmed a new album release for UNKLE in 2010. It is planned for May and includes contributors: Pablo Clements of the Psychonauts and Mark Lanegan, former frontman of the Screaming Trees. The new UNKLE album is entitled Where Did the Night Fall and Lavelle has described it as “different from the last one and a bit more electronic”. UNKLE’s last studio album, End Titles . . . Stories For Film, prorated the more intimate, instrumental and ambient side of the group and as the title suggests is a collection of cinematic pieces “inspired by the moving image.” This was much the opposite, although production and vocal wise still heavily influenced, from the 2007 release War Stories which bore witness to the groups evolution from sample heavy hip hop to trancy electronic pop to rock influenced anthems. The genius of UNKLE is headed back full circle, 12 years after the breakthrough debut of Psyence Fiction.

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