New Marilyn Manson, “We’re From America”

A new Marilyn Manson track “We’re From America” from the upcoming album The High End of Low (Due Out: 5/26/09) has surfaced and it’s yours for free; well as long as you care to share your email address and verify you’re at least 13 years of age. Not sure who out there decided 13 is the age you can start listening to the God of Anti-God, but hey, if a kid can score illegal drugs he/she can get their hands on legal music; at least here in America… Manson and long lost bassist Twiggy Ramirez have finally made peace and deiced to make a record; like the good ‘ol days, the all er nothing days. And I just thought Jeordie was sick of touring with Nine Inch Nails…or was it A Perfect Circle?

Anyhow, he’ll be back on the road again to support the new album in June. To get things started it looks like a European only tour, stating in Germany and ending Sweden. “We’re From America”  has got me excited for the new album, it Fuckin Rocks. Yeah, so it still sounds like a teenage anthem, go with what you know, say yer from America and you don’t give a fuck. Who doesn’t agree with that?

“If I Was Your Vampire” was all I needed to snag Eat Me, Drink Me, and that single was much different than the remainder of the album. I was a turned off at first. then I grew to love the album, though not my fav MM. Let’s see if to good ‘ol pals can drag themselves back down far enough to shock us all again and renounce all religion. Visit for your free download and tour dates. Wenn Sie sich in der Nachbarschaft.

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