N2IT vs. M-Audio, Patent Infringement

Who is N2IT? It’s an Amsterdam-based company which holds patents for technology that led to the first digital vinyl system (DVS), FinalScratch, waaaayyy back in’98. N2IT’s CEO also happens to be John Acquaviva. You remember, the guy that would hang around and look like Richie Hawtin when Richie was on this continent? Just kiddin John, we know he stole the minimal look and lifestyle from you anyway.

Now N2IT has filed a patent infringement claim against M-Audio in regards to it’s Torq/Connectiv live of digital DJ products. But not without first offering to license M-Audio the technology first. This isn’t the first time N2IT has filed a simliar claim either. In May 2007 they went down the same path with Native Instruments and NI’s Traktor Scratch. A year after that complaint, NI aanounced they would be licensing the N2IT technology. 

It looks as if M-Audio may take the same course of action. Who’s next Rane/Serato? Probably not far.

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