Movement Torino

Movement Torino kicks off today (VENUE: Pala Olimpico Isozaki di Torino). Movement Torino is the European version of Movement in Detroit (the Detroit Electronic Music Festival aka DEMF), one of the largest, longstanding and most influential dance music festivals in the world. Movement, started on Memorial Day weekend back in 2000, then called the Detroit Electronic Music Festival or DEMF, a name still used by many. The event was free that first year in 2000; a weekend that can never be matched. It was the best weather I’ve ever witnessed in Detroit on Memorial Day. The music was hot and stayed true to tha D. The festival was pure and poetic: unpaved by company banner Ads, the scent of carny sweet and misfit freak-shows who dig out lonely Halloween costumes to give the Hart Plaza bums something to laugh at besides mental anguish. Back then it wasn’t a bottom line that drove the artists to the stage but the dark and gritty, once industrial giant city that demanded it. Whispering admiration echoed through the abandon streets until the oceans heard Detroit’s gift to the world load and clear. It was the largest free event in the world… and an important time in history for electronic music.

Although the music expanded the event grew worse. More commercialized and less organized. It had a few bad years, though still pulled impressive artists. Thankfully Paxahau took the event over and things have seemed to run smoothly ever since. They have since moved their expertise and success with Movement overseas. The first event of this kind was staged on December 15th, 2006 by Movement Europe srl together with Derrick May, Movement founder and world ambassador. The third edition of Movement – Torino’s Dance Music Event in 2008 attracted 13 thousand people and established itself as the World’s Best Halloween Indoor Music Event. Now being paired as Movement Torino and Movement Detroit – Paxahau have recently signed a strategic partnership aimed to strengthen the two events and the Movement name across language barriers and country borders.

VENUE: Pala Olimpico Isozaki di Torino
—Palaisozaki, Corso Sebastopoli, 123, 10134 Torino, Piemonte

Location: Pala Olimpico Isozaki di Torino
Artists: Luciano, Derrick May, Phil Weeks, Chris Carrier, Hugo, DJ Torpez, Sten, Gambo
Live Bands: A Mountain Of One, Motel Connection

Location: Pala Olimpico Isozaki di Torino
Artist: Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Stacey Pullen, Mike Huckaby, Krakatoa, Michel Cleis, Didier Alline, Danny Fiddo, Vasta, Frola

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