DEMF 2011: Movement Schedule, The Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) 2011 Initial Lineup

The initial lineup for Movement 2011, the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF), has been announced (View additions to the Movement 2011 lineup and mainstage headliners). The annual event will take place, in usual fashion, at Hart Plaza, Downtown Detroit, Michigan, May 28th-30th Memorial Day Weekend. The Movement 2010 lineup seemed to pay homage to the roots of Detroit techno with lots of classic Detroit talent and innovators of the early scene. That gives the 2011 lineup freedom to branch out into other genres and bring in more international acts and up-and-comers. The Movement lineup looks great so far, looking forward to what they have to come – and of course the afterparty lineup as well.

Movement, The Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) 2011 Initial Lineup:

Ana Sia
Art Department
Bruce Bailey
Cio D’Or
Dam-Funk & Master Blazter (live)
DJ T-1000
Echospace (live)
Green Velvet (live)
Kerri Chandler
Marcel Dettman
Shlomi Aber
Skrillex (live)
Soul Clap
Sven Väth
Visionquest (live / DJ)


16 thoughts on “DEMF 2011: Movement Schedule, The Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) 2011 Initial Lineup”

  1. Really?! Ultra? Electric Zoo? Sure if you like the most mainstream, cheesy electronic music and like to bump shoulders with a bunch chotches and glidder chicks who have no idea about the soul of electronic music. A soul that was created in the heart of ONE city, Detroit. Real techno fans go to Detroit… to live and breath the dirt and grime, listen to techno, dance… not be dazzled by neon and light shows. Try it sometime, I think you may come back a better listener.

  2. not enough deadmau5/bassnectar/pretty lights/tiesto/alice deejay/skrillex/REO speedwagon for you, ryan? :)

  3. 1st and foremost the lineup builds as the date grows closer. 2nd the afterparties thrown by the biggest name in techno crush most festivals by themselves, let alone the dozens of other parties for every genre of electronic music. In conclusion its Detroit, we invented the shit and do it better than everyone else still cause its from the heart and a way of life for us, not just the thing to do. Fin

  4. As far as line ups go, it’s pretty decent and also pretty ropey too. There a couple of WTF names in there. It’s way more European than I expected it to be. The best thing regards programming is that there is variety too. I’d like to see a few more born and raised DETROIT artists for sure. My recommendation would be BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB and BODDHI SATVA for some real twisted ancestral soul vibes that fit v readily with black electronic dance music which is what got me into this sound almost 25 years ago.

  5. Dettman rocks, Visionquest are doin their thing for sure, and the Beretta boys doing the Reference set will be dope.
    But as far as ‘techno’…..where is it?
    Hell where did it go? This line-up needs a complimentary pillow, are you kidding me.
    T-1000? Really? Have you listened to an old Pure Sonik track lately.. GOOD LORD!
    I mean honestly, this is NOT a techno event. At least not anymore. It’s come A LONG WAY from what it used to be.
    Bring back SLAM!!! Pascal FEOS! D-Wynn!!
    Artists that move people… not a bunch of atmospheric emo garbage.
    I mean really… artists who wear LACE GLOVES??
    That wouldn’t have gone down 11 years ago!

  6. REmember when the festival had hip hop? And turntablists? I mean….this is an electronic music fest right??? how about MIKE RELM…that would be sweet to see on a big screen at Hart djing.

  7. I’m hoping someone from Stones Throw shows up. I like to see Peanut Butter Wolf with some old school. I believe he was there the last time I went to this in 04/05.

  8. Are there going to be artists missing from this lineup, of course, especially looking at it from each individual perspective. I do agree with cope caine DEMF Vet that the afterparties bring in sometimes much greater talent than the festival alone. I created a discussion last year about what Movement’s lineup should reflect, “Pure techno, pure Detroit, or a wider range of electronic music?” Most comments reflected sticking to techno and sticking to Detroit. Which, for the most part, throughout the years the festival has done a decent job of that.

    The lineup does vary from year to year, which is sometimes good, sometimes bad depending on your tastes. Personally I think the ‘main’ focus of the event should be techno, and it should be an avenue to support artists from, and more importantly sill in, Detroit. But… This should also be a stage to showcase worldwide talent and bring what is best about techno to Detroit. Just as Berlin and Europe embraced early Detroit techno, Detroit should embrace what it has now become.

    The festival should have stages focused on various genres as well, although it may not be what I want to hear, if there is a strong audience for it and it brings in heads for the festival (without loosing focus to why DEMF was actually created), for Detroit and to be exposed to other genres while they’re there, that’s great and that’s what the festival has become. Do we really need 5 stages of all techno for three days?

    This discussion originated from the comparison of Movement to Ultra and Electric Zoo. There really is no comparison… Ultra and Electric Zoo have their focus, be it populous or otherwise… but it’s still a part of electronic music, like it or not.

    For a techophile like me, Detroit is where it’s at, and anyone else that shares that passion will let those who don’t know… know. For those who think Movement’s lineup is weak for techno, What other US festivals, or even clubs (minus the Bunker), or scenes, bring this kind of dedication and talent… for over a decade?

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  10. It is a little dissapointing that Detroit has lost the ability to book big names like Chemical Brothers; but Bassnectar and Pretty Lights are not neccisary for Detroits electronic music heads. Although you may not reconize most of these names you will be quite impressed. Check out Golie and Ana Sia for sure. As for some more names that should be added to the list Netsky, The Bloody Beetroots, Disco Biscuts, New Deal & Conspirtator, Lotus, Ghostland Observatory, and Booka Shade just to name a few.

  11. I’ve always been under the impression the point of it was to be a pseudo exclusive weekend, with the names being mostly esoteric. This year seems to fit that idea perfectly.

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