Marcel Dettmann, Red Bull Music Academy Radio Mix

Marcel Dettmann is one of the supporting pillars of the Berghain sound: Powerful, sexy and knowledgeable in the right sense. One could also say he knows his edutainment. Since 1999 Marcel is and has been a steady fixture at both the old OstGut and the new Berghain. The classic sounds of Chicago and Detroit have had a huge influence on him, but Marcel also says that “the music and the sets have to work, should have a soul and be ignorant of boundaries. I re-invent my DJ philosophy for every new set, location and night. Generally, it is very important to me to play as varied as possible sets fusing classic tracks with the contemporary ones.” Besides his DJ activities, Marcel also works at Berlin’s highly influential record store Hardwax. The store’s excellent musical portfolio provides Dettmann with a constant inspiration for his upcoming projects. “Music always works in a certain context at a certain time, or it doesn’t. There still are a lot of interesting, very varied artists and labels releasing loads of good stuff, be it classic or experimental.”

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