Machine Gun (Amon Tobin Remix) – Free Music Friday

Download Amon Tobin‘s remix of Noisia’sMachine Gun” for free. A classic, artfully crafted, samplified Tobin track. Beautiful samples meshed with the original’s haunting synthesis. The track builds to the tough bass line of the original; though the majority of the is softly spoken compared to the pumping industrialized electro-house menace by Noisia. The gruesome, fascist flange war scenes are a perfect match in the video below.

It just takes an email address and a little registration to get your download. It will only be available till 3/8, when the release of “Machine Gun”, including the original, and remixes by Spor, 16bit and Amon Tobin, will be available through all major online retailers. “Machine Gun” hails from the forthcoming album Split the Atom (seems to be a popular title these days) due out 4/6.

Register to Download Amon Tobin‘s remix of Noisia’s Machine Gun

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