Le Loup,Family

There are moments of straight fire, with Le Loup bringing the morning air and the energy of the sun.

Gust of Wind # 9

Le Loup (The Wolf), Family

Hardly Art

This Gust of Wind rings familiar with the current escapade of musical trends, but still manages to leave a special mark that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

I enjoy big sounds, church-choir-harmonies, along with the added down-home flavor of the banjo – they all play very well together on this album. It’s a record that leads to epic moments that catapult the ears toward the mysterious energy of nature. There are moments of straight fire, with Le Loup bringing the morning air and the energy of the sun. Then there are the building moments of swishing water on the track “Sherpa,” which is sort of similar to riding down a calm river, then you’re jolted into the realization that you’re heading for a waterfall and it’s manageable enough to ride.

Another favorite on Family is the song “Beach Town.” A hazed out tune that uses a progressive harmony that ends in the distance, as if they sing to us from a cave. The song starts out with samples of birds and voices, coming and going. The song is out of the wilderness, and we are walking toward the noise with our torches in hand. As we embark toward the sound, we come on a village of people in jubilation.  These people offer up an indigenous well being– they make crafts, build fires, and live in the trees.

Family is a special record, one worth having, and one that will play well down the road. It’s on par with any of today’s most talked about bands, but it does have its own special moments.  These moments will essentially give Le Loup a larger following; they rest well on drives in the mountains or walks in the woods. If you’re not into the profound feeling nature provides or that unhinged beaten path, this record will also suffice surrounded by the pesky wires, and dust bowels that riddle the rooms in our lives. Don’t be surprised if you find your mind running in the open pastures of the open air, with the autonomy of simply just being.

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