Labyrinth 2011 Lineup

Labyrinth 2011 Lineup

September 17-19th, Naeba Greenland, Niigata, Japan

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Labyrinth 2011 Lineup

Labyrinth Line up:


Atom™ & Pink Elln [Rather Interesting, Logistic: Chile, Berlin]
Voices from the Lake aka Donato Dozzy & Neel [Aquaplano, Prologue: Italy]
Kangding Ray [Raster-Noton: France]
Morphosis [Delsin, Morphine Records: Lebanon]
Tobias. [Ostgut Ton, Non Standard Productions: Berlin]
Function [Sandwell District: NYC, Berlin]


Peter Van Hoesen [Time To Express: Berlin]
Donato Dozzy [Aquaplano, Prologue: Italy]
Function [Sandwell District: NYC, Berlin]
Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium [Soul People Music, Underground Quality: NYC]
Appleblim [Apple Pips, Skull Disco: UK]
Silent Servant [Sandwell District: USA]
So [Mindgames, The Labyrinth, Tri-Bute: Japan]
Hiyoshi [The Labyrinth, Global Chillage: Japan]

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