iTunes Raising Prices, Now I Hate You More.

The ever popular apple-owned music download service iTunes is changing it’s pricing structure in the coming month. Back in January they announced they would introduce a new pricing structure and would be offering tracks at the usual 99 cents, but would also be introducing tracks for $1.29 and 69 cents. Yes, in addition to raising prices they will also be dropping as well. (I hate a little less?) I just have a intuitive suspicion they will be trying to rape everyone in the end…anyone feel like a canoe trip on a remote river in North Carolina?

Not Me.  I’m thinkin new releases, hot tracks, shit I don’t care about hoarded by greedy record execs will be 1.29, crap out-dated tracks will be .69 and everything in-between will be .99. Not much will change for me, I don’t buy from iTunes. They should be dropping the prices to be more competitive, but then again, I like to root for the little guys (iTunes owns about 75% of the digital music market currently). Though, I am intrigued by their supposed “lowered restrictions” which is supposed to take effect with the price changes (the real reason I don’t buy). They may get one purchase out of me…but not for $1.29.

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