I Awake to a Gunshot | BlakeAndrew Awakening Teaser Featuring Reconnaissance

I awake to a pop and immediately think a gunshot in the not so far off distance. It’s pitch black and cold. Flakes of light snow flurry around me. I feel the dampness as they melt on my face yet cannot feel their cold. My fingers and hands sting trembling uncontrollably. I cannot feel them as I touch my face and arms. I raise my head and notice I lie between a wooden fence and a building that seems to create a tunnel to the outside world. I’m completely lost yet have a deep pit in my stomach that I’ve been here before. My vision is blurred and my eyes continuously go in and out of focus. I hardly make out distant shapes as white trails from snowflakes seem to hang indefinitely. My heart drops as a wave of panic consumes. I hear a faint siren in the distance.

I make it to my feet, light headed, leaning to the fence as the blood rushes through my body. I can feel the warmth of the blood travel from my face. My instinct is to run but I can hardly pick my feet out of the snow. My bones are lead as my legs move dragging my feet. My throat feels crushed and my mouth dry with an overwhelming metallic taste. The siren is growing closer.

I break my way into the opening of the tunnel flooded with lights from an overwhelming structure. The only thing familiar is a fresh, white blanket of snow. I turn to get away from the structure, the sirens, the gun. I can hardly hold my head trying to gain a footing on where I am, where I should be going. Footprints in the snow give me a sense of direction, a sense of hope. I follow the tracks using every ounce of strength to lift my head and make my way out. Suddenly I’m faced with two bright, perfectly round, entrancing circles beyond the wall. I can’t help but drag my body closer, desperate to escape into the unknown. I cannot evade these two bright eyes gleaming in the distance, coxing me closer into the darkness. The sirens are nearly here.

Teaser video for the new techno industrial album entitled Awakening from BlakeAndrew. Video features the tracks “Reconnaissance” and “The War Within” off the album. The album is due for release in April 2012 and will first be available exclusively through Bandcamp. Tracks will be available to stream soon on Soundcloud as well as a few free downloads.

You can also check out the first Awakening album teaser video featuring “Deepening”

3 thoughts on “I Awake to a Gunshot | BlakeAndrew Awakening Teaser Featuring Reconnaissance”

  1. Like a creature being let out finally, or the thing inside you, peaking over to see where else it can go. Reminds me of those spirits in Exorcisms that look for a new host.

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