Free Track Friday: The Knife, “Colouring of Pigeons”

There’s a brand new, epic 11 minute track from The Knife, in collaboration with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock, available for a free download. The track is plucked from the stereo version of Tomorrow, In a Year, due out March 1st. Tomorrow… is a dive into a next phase of artistic expression for the Knife. The project is actually an ‘electro-opera’ based on the world seen through the eyes of Charles Darwin. The Knife’s intriguing alternative, pop-style music is combined with visuals from theatre production company Hotel Pro Formas to create this new species of performance theater.

Colouring of Pigeons” from the studio version of Tomorrow, In a Year.

Here’s a clip from the electro-opera performance. A bit weird but fascinating. An amazing way to expand your creative horizons.

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