“Voices” by BlakeAndrew Free Download

FREE DOWNLOAD – “Voices”, the first single from the album Awakening (due in April 2012): A pounding kick and effected rhythmic samples that constantly change throughout the course of the song. Vocal samples and layered organic drums build to a peaceful yet dark interpretation of electronic music.

Awakening will be first available via Bandcamp April 2012. Look for more tracks (and free downloads) on soundcloud and visit the electronic music producer‘s website for updates.

The album’s genres can be tough to pinpoint but Awakening definitely has a dark, electro-techno-industrial sound. The tracks wouldn’t be considered ‘dance floor anthems’ by any means, though most of the tracks have deep, pounding beats with undeniable techno roots. Awakening also pans into stretches of ambient, hip hop and electronica.

“The creation of the album truly was an awakening for me. Not necessarily with the production of the music, but with myself, life and who I am really. I experienced some major changes from the pre to post production of the album and I think those changes are reflected in the music.“

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