DEMF 2012: The Movement iPhone App is Here

The Movement 2012 iPhone App is finally here. The application is very close to the 2011 app but it does have some improvements. Just as last year there is a ‘Lineup‘ section where you see all of the 107 acts performing this year at DEMF 2012 with the set times and appropriate stages and days. This is also the section where you add sets to the ‘My Sched’ section for your own custom Movement 2012 schedule for the festival weekend.

Movement App Bio Section

You can click onto the artist for their Bio, listen to Music on Soundcloud, watch Videos on YouTube and visit their Website. There’s also direct links to the artist’s Facebook, RA, and Twitter account as well as a twitter feed. The Movement App gives you the ability to share messages directly from the artist page through Facebook, Twitter, email and text. Something like “Hey I’m seeing Kevin Saunderson at the Movement Electronic Music Festival.” You also have the option here to set an alarm to remind you before your chosen sets are about to being.

Although I added artists to ‘My Sched’ for each day of Movement they are only showing up in the ‘All’ section of ‘My Sched’ not  for each day as well. I’ve contacted the creators of the application, FestivalCrowd, to inform them of the issue and see if they have a solution.

Just as last year they have the nifty ‘Finder’ section where you can point an arrow to different detailed photos of the Hart Plaza festival site and text or email them to your friends so they can find you. Sounds kinda geeky, but there’s nothing worst then spending half your time at a music festival looking for your friends and missing those key sets.

Movement App Finder Section

The ‘Map’ section shows a map of Hart Plaza with stages, bathrooms, etc. and contact information for Paxahau, the city of Detroit, public transit and cabs. There’s some new stars on the map this year. A yellow one for free device charging/backpack storage, a green for the ‘World’s First House Music Art Gallery & Mobile Museum’ and a few other white ones for the CAMP Detroit Project which feature unique installations from local Detroit artists.

Movement App Map

The ‘Camp’ section doesn’t show you where you can sleep for the night in Hart Plaza, ’cause that’s anywhere, just ask the bums. No, this section is dedicated to the CAMP Detroit Project and gives you an in depth look at the 2012 artists and project installations: complete with project descriptions and sketches, artist bios and links to the website. And I must say I’m actually excited to see some of these installations. A machine pre-loaded with virtually every arcade game ever made, mirror moving geometric shapes and small wind chimes, a shelter from the sun and a glowing sculpture at night. Yeah.

Camp Detroit Movement 2012

The last section is the ‘Party’ section with a list of all the ‘official’ (I assume) Movement after parties. Other functions include a sorting function and a camera function where you can create your own Movement postcard and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Movement App


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