Decibel Festival 2012 Founder Sean Horton Interview

Decibel Festival 2012 Interview with Resident Advisor:

The curator of Decibel Festival, Sean Horton explains the Seattle based festival.

Decibel is among the finest electronic music festivals in North America. Taking place in the fall for nearly the past decade in Seattle, it mixes artists big and small to cover nearly all the genre bases you could hope for. What’s perhaps most unique about the event, though, is the way that it has gradually begun to take advantage of the many different spaces available in the city. Boats, parks, cinemas and warehouses are all employed. In a city where clubs are forced to close their doors at 2 AM, it’s a testament to the creativity of the organizers that such a festival even exists. Earlier this year Resident Advisor sat down with Decibel founder Sean Horton to find out what goes into making the event happen each year.

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