Best Techno Mixes & Podcasts 2016

Best Techno Mixes & Electronic Music Podcasts 2017

We introduce our recommendations for the Best Techno Mixes & Podcasts for 2016. We’ve spent countless hours scouring through the immense multitude of dj mixes and podcasts out there so you don’t have to.

Our list for 2016 contains 46 mixes with 56 hours : 10 minutes : 32 seconds of music.

Because this is such a large list of mixes and podcasts, we’ve split into 4 sections. And for your convenience, depending on your particular techno mood, you can navigate directly to each section here.

Don’t see your favorite techno music mixes of 2016 on the list? Leave us a comment we’d love to hear from you.

2016 best chill techno mixes podcasts

Getting Things Started: Slightly Chilled Techno

This first set of mixes are a great way to get started, which can mean a lot of things. So whether your need some sounds on your morning commute, while you’re cleaning your house, just starting a vacation or hanging out in the afternoon before a big night out, these mixes will be great companions.

We start off with another Campfire Stories mix from Canadian label Silent Season known for soothing atmospheric ambient and dub-techno inspired by deep nature. Next we move into a beautiful chill-out live acid set from TM404 and follow that up with a nice, dynamic mix from Abstract Division live at Contrete, Paris. This first set of podcasts also includes a very inventive mix from Kangding Ray and caps off with Concept of a Thrill on the every-present PoleGroup Radio podcast

Campfire Stories 15 (Pilgrimage) by Wanderwelle

TM404 live at CTM Festival, Berlin 130129

Abstract Division @ Concrete, Paris

LumberRoom podcast 005 x ALPI

MondayOff Podcast Series 014 | Michal Wolski

RA.519 Kangding Ray

Upfront 060: Kontra-Musik

PoleGroup Radio/ Concept Of Thrill

2016 best tech house mixes podcasts

Good Vibes: Smoother Tech-House Action

For our next section of mixes this is somewhat of a first for Djfrequencies, a small grouping of mixes dedicated to the smooth sounds of Tech-House. We typically have a few mixed in throughout our favs but 2016 saw a nice chunk that definitely deserved there own space.

For me, tech-house vibes can really find their way into many situations. Beautiful sunny afternoons are always a great fit, outdoor summer festivals of course, road trips or really anytime you need a little uplifting.

We kick it off with an XLR8R Mix from Momo Trosman and follow up with a mix from my homie Adam Stolz hailing from Chicago, IL. Next is on to none other than Detroit’s own Mike Huckaby with The My Life With The Wave Show # 2 which touches on some deep-house and of course some of that Detroit soul. Next is a diverse set from Lone and some party grooves from Nicole Moudaber. To close out this section is an upbeat studio mix from Tony Kasper which most definitely falls toward the side of techno rather than house.

Momo Trosman – XLR8R Mix

Adam Stolz – Building Impressions

Mike Huckaby – The My Life With The Wave Show # 2

Solid Steel Radio Show 20/5/2016 Hour 1 – Lone

Nicole Moudaber In The MOOD – Episode 98

Tony Kasper March 2016 Studio Mix

2016 best techno mixes podcasts

Things Pick Up: More Upbeat Techno with a Touch of Interstellar

This is by far the largest section for 2016 and that is simply because, like most great techno, these sounds are just too hard to pin down and categorize. These mixes will find your way into just about any time of the day, night or mood you happen to be in. If you’re looking for great techno with good diversity and plenty of surprises, you’ll have much to explore here.

There are so many great sets in here I’m just going to touch on a few and let the listening do the rest. We start things off with a Boiler Room Berlin 5th birthday Dj Set from Tale of Us which is a nice soothing way to get rolling but also a nice party set to get thing moving. Ulf Eriksson follows up with a very diverse set with everything from New Wave and Electro to Ben Klock. Benjamin Damage comes correct with tribute mix as a farewell to the 50Weapons label. We have lots a representation from PoleGroup Radio with sets from: Distant Echos, Keith Carnal, Oscar Mulero and a particular menacing mix from Eastern Renaissance.

Be sure to check out the Erratic Podcast from Wrong Assessment, I’ve listened to this one countless times throughout the year. Takaaki Itoh always comes correct with slammin mixes but I typically prefer his more subtle and thoughtful sets like the one we’ve included here. The Lo Shea mix from the Solid Steel Radio Show is a great listen and the Upfront mix is a nice window into the sounds of the Blank Code label. Annie Hall puts together a great set for the Subspec Podcast and we end out the section with two powerful mixes from the Reclaim Your City podcast with Electric Indigo and The Noisemaker.

Tale Of Us Boiler Room Berlin 5th Birthday DJ Set

IS 288 – Ulf Eriksson [Kontra-Musik]

Solid Steel Radio Show 4/12/2015 Hour 2 – Benjamin Damage

PoleGroup Radio/ Distant Echoes

PoleGroup Radio/ Keith Carnal

Reclaim Your City 195 | Glós

PoleGroup Radio/ Oscar Mulero

Invite’s Choice Podcast 353 – Reggy Van Oers

Erratic Podcast 109 | Wrong Assessment

TAKAAKI ITOH – Live at Nest Utsunomiya Japan

SNTS – 455 – Electronic Explorations

Invite’s Choice Podcast 324 – Refracted

FAL:X for Midnight Shift Jan 2016

PoleGroup Radio/ Eastern Renaissance

Solid Steel Radio Show 15/1/2016 Hour 2 – Lo Shea

PoleGroup Radio/ Ryuji Takeuchi

Upfront 043: Blank Code

Subspec Podcast 003 with Annie Hall

Reclaim Your City 183 | Electric Indigo

Reclaim Your City 194 | The Noisemaker

2016 best hard techno mixes podcasts

Peak Hour: Harder Techno to Dance Your Ass Off

This final section of mixes has been withheld for the hardest techno that is meant only for dancing your ass off or when you simply need to groove out to some darker, harder techno.

We first get you prepped with a Radio Dogma mix from The Black Dog chalk full of lots of different sounds and a Run It Red podcast from Ben Sims. Next we bring an absolute amazing set from a masterful dj Kirk Degiorgio. I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing Kirk live once and that set still sticks in my mind. We see a great set from Slam with the back half of the mix really pouring on the heat. I dare you to find a more energetic set than that from Detroit’s classic masked Dj Stingray. Fast-paced mixes, lots of early Detroit electro and classic underground. We start up the harder techno with South London Ordnance and see an amazing set from Xhin. Tommy Four Seven find his way with two back to back mixes first with a Rinse FM studio mix and next with his Reclaim Your City podcast which starts out very downtempo and groovy but turns to those dark and slammin tracks. To end out our picks for best techno mixes and podcasts for 2016 we have not the straight 4 on the floor techno but the layered dark sounds of Headless Horseman on Slam Radio.

The Black Dog Radio Dogma #59

Ben Sims – Run It Red 016

PoleGroup Radio/ Kirk Degiorgio

PoleGroup Radio/ Slam

IS 279 – Dos Lokos [Erratic]

Bunker Podcast 22 – Invite

DJ STINGRAY 313 – DJ Mix for ENSAMBLE & Festival NRMAL

Solid Steel Radio Show 28/10/2016 Hour 2 – South London Ordnance

PoleGroup Radio/ Xhin


Reclaim Your City 200 | Tommy Four Seven

#SlamRadio – 219 – Headless Horseman

Best Techno Music Podcast 2016

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