Best Techno Mixes & Podcasts 2015

Best Techno Mixes Podcasts 2015

We introduce our recommendations for the Best Techno Mixes and Podcasts for 2015. We’ve spent countless hours scouring through the immense multitude of dj mixes and podcasts out there so you don’t have to.

Similar to our best techno podcasts of 2014 we take you on a journey through the early afternoon on through well into the next morning. But given our list has more than doubled from last year, your night of music would last almost 2 days. Given the shear amount of music this year we’ve decided to split up our favorite electronic mixes and podcasts of the year into several sections which you can reference back to whenever you’re in need of specific music inspiration. If you’re into a particular type (or tempo) of electronic music, or just in the mood for a certain style, be sure to scroll through the sections for a variety of music.

As always we do our best to ensure a variety of techno styles and moods that are enduring — not only pleasant upon the first listen, but time and time again. And not only within just one environment, but anywhere: at home on your stereo, at your desk through your headphones, in your car, and most definitely, in your head.

Our list for 2015 contains 29 mixes with 39 hours : 02 minutes : 09 seconds of music.

Don’t see your favorite electronic music mixes of 2015 on the list? Leave us a comment we’d love to hear from you.

Getting Started: Cold-Chillin Afternoons

PoleGroup Radio – Rec_Overflow

We get things started with a southing, beautiful and sometimes chaotic mix of mostly electronica/IDM based music from Spanish-based Rec_Overflow. Coming from the consistently impressive PoleGroup Radio podcast series (we have 6 of their mixes on this list for 2015).


Field Maneuvers — FM002: Ben Sims presents Versions Galore

Next we have a Roots Reggae mix from none other than Ben Sims ahead of his alternative Roots set at Field Maneuvers. From the man himself on the mix, “Most (tracks) are from 30+ year old 45’s but there’s a few LP tracks too plus a couple of dubplate-only cuts that were never officially released.” An absolutely pleasant mix perfect for a sunny afternoon or anytime when you need some serious chill with a bit of fun.


PoleGroup Radio – LCC

Another mix from PoleGroup this one part of their Brain Networks series of mixes which explore experimental electronic music. This mix comes from the Spanish duo LCC. Though they delve into such sounds as AV sets and film soundtracks, this mix is a bit more beat oriented than a typical one found on the Brain Networks series. Featuring tracks from: Andy Stott, Vessel, Jon Hopkins and Emptyset.


IS 255 – Edit Select

This mix from Edit Select stays true to his deeper side of techno, builds into peaks of energetic moments, and is not without a touch of acid and other interesting sounds. Featuring music by: Mike Parker, Plastikman, Laurent Garnier, Edit Select + Antonio Ruscito, and more. This mix could definitely skip over into our next section of deep to mid techno, but I felt like this would be a great mix to end out your afternoon.


Picking Up: Deep to Mid Techno, Evening-Night

Ntogn — @ Container, Paris

Kicking off the Deep Techno, Early Evenings section of our best mixes and podcast for 2015 is a live set from Ntogn at Container, Paris. A nice deep, yet groovy mix to get your evening directed towards the correct mood.


Electronic Explorations – 358 – Asusu

Asusu delivers a cool mix layered with heavier beats at times on Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations podcast series.


PolPoleGroup Radio – As Patria

French project As Patria comes in again on PoleGroup Radio. A smooth mix of deeper yet upbeat techno to start picking the evening up. Featuring tracks by: Neel, Ness, As Patria, Ctrls, Northern Structures, Levon Vincent, and more.


PoleGroup Radio – Anomaly

Next is a mix from Australian collection Anomaly on PoleGroup as well. A darker mix of techno featuring tracks from artists by the likes of: Surgeon, Donato Dozzy, Orphx, British Murder Boys, Adam X, Ugandan Methods & Prurient, and Function & Vatican Shadow.


DSNT Podcast 049 – Kessell (Exium / Polegroup / Granulart)

This mix from Kessell, one half the duo Exium and Granulart Recordings label owner, on the DSNT Podcast series may just embody the essence of this deep to mid techno section of our list the best. An excellent variety of techno that builds throughout the first half with deeper techno, then leads into heavier mid-weight techno while still finding areas to dip back down and sometimes far out into space.


Invite’s Choice Podcast 256 – Eastern Renaissance

Next up on Invite’s Choice Podcast is Eastern Renaissance from Lublin, Poland. This mix if half deep and dark, and half dark industrial tech. There are some dancier moments, but this one is for the far reaches. One of my absolute favs on the list this year.


Tensal – Children Of Tomorrow – Podcast 14 – Part I

Tensal shows up on the Children Of Tomorrow Podcast. Featuring tracks by: Dino Sabatini/Edit Select, Reeko, Sleeparchive, Drumcell, Tensal, and more. A nice blend of some high quality techno released this year.


Erratic Podcast 105 | Claudio PRC

Next up is Claudio PRC on the Erratic Podcast series and also starts a string of three mixes found on Erratic. They describe the mix as  “beautiful – simply beautiful,” and I couldn’t agree more. In usual fashion from the Italian Claudio PRC, he brings us back a notch into some deep and transcending sounds, smooth beats, and seamless track selection. This one could easily start your evening out, but its always good to take a step back and enjoy your environment while in the midst of it all.


Erratic Podcast 102 | Giorgio Gigli

Next with the Erratic Podcast series is another Italian, Giorgio Gigli. The thing I love most about Giorgio is his diversity both in production and his dj sets. He produces some of the best lush, deep techno out there (see his recent album The Right Place Where Not To Be on Electric Deluxe) but also knows how to kick it up a notch when it comes to rocking a set. This mix here is a good display of that diverse style.


Erratic Podcast 95 | Takaaki Itoh

On our last mix included from the Erratic series is one of Japan’s most senior and leading techno figures, Takaaki Itoh. Known for his fast, hard, and layered style of mixing represented by recent productions on labels such as Planet Rhythm, Modularz, and Grey Report. We actually had another live set from Takaaki here on the Best Mixes and Podcasts for 2015 which better characterized what he has become known for. But when faced with the decision of which mix to keep on, we just couldn’t turn away from this deeper, smooth mix which still touches on his signature style.


PoleGroup Radio – Yan Cook

Another mix from the PoleGroup Radio Podcast; this one from Ukrainian Dj and producer Yan Cook. We love Yan’s pounding straight-forward and melodic techno best represented by releases such as the Gravity EP late last year on Delsin and recent Dead End EP on Planet Rhythm. You can hear plenty of Cook’s own flavor on this mix as he brings techno back to the basics and picks up the pace as we near the end of our mid-weight evening mixes.


Løt.te – RA Podcast RA.471

Productions from Løt.te (pronounced Loat-tey) range from strange experimental, to downtempo dub, to classic bangers on the History of Discipline EP on the Bunker New York. This mix he put together for Resident Advisor portrays the weird texture and tension of his style perfectly.


Martyn Hare – 371 – Electronic Explorations

Featuring another mix from the Electronic Explorations Podcast this time from Martyn Hare. This is such an energetic mix it quite likely fits better in our next section, but given we wanted to make that exclusive only for live dj sets, this banger from Martyn Hare is a perfect way to transition out of the evening into our peak hour sets. Not surprisingly this mix has plenty of acidic sounds and heavy pounding industrial style beats with a good portion coming directly from the man himself. This one might just blow your hair back.



Peak Hour: Banging Live Techno Sets

Inland DJ set at Vurt, Seoul, 18.07.2015

Moving into our live techno sets we start off with something a little more mild — the classic and tech-housey sounds of none other than Inland. We’ve really been enamored with what Ed Davenport / Inland has been putting out these last few years. Most everything on his own Counterchange pumped-up 909 jams, recent releases on Ostgut Ton, and especially the newest Wayfinder EP on Non-plus. This live dj set of course features some of those tracks and embodies Davenport’s dedication to the classic sound of techno.


Shifted Live @ Closure ADE 2015

Next up is a live set from Shifted and the first live set of his we’ve heard. Also apparently the first recording of his live shows he has been happy with. From the artist, “Full of sloppy synth work, and way too much 909 open hat, but i think it has something about it.” We couldn’t agree more, there is just something about it. That basic, raw techno with limited gear and sounds. This is the foundation everything has been built. And when you bring it back to the simplistic, native roots whats left behind is something unforgettable.


Surgeon – Rinse FM broadcast 17th May 2015

Surgeon has been bringing a rather tasty edition to the Rinse FM broadcast for quite sometime. His usual format can be closer to a traditional “radio show,” playing new tracks he’s been enjoying recently (mostly non-mixed), doing voice-overs, inviting special on-air guest, and even fitting in his signature cat shout-outs. The show is always great to listen to and discover new tracks out there, but for this show he brought something special. This edition is the first 2 hours of a hybrid DJ/Live set. Recorded on 1st May 2015 at the Club Museum event at Unit, Tokyo with a modular system running during the whole set and large sections of live improvisations. Surgeon brings it like none other.


Dustin Zahn & Gary Beck at Awakenings 01-01-2015

Dustin Zahn and Gary Beck live at Awakenings — do we really need to say more? The Awakenings festival in Holland has long been one of the premiere and most heavily stacked techno events in the world. They come correct with a who’s-who of techno giants, and the two at the decks in this live dj set can hold their own. 2 hours of bumpin techno from 2 greats that is sure to keep a large festival crowd moving and hungry for more.


Tommy Four Seven at Cocorico – 24.01.15 (LAST HOUR)

Tommy Four Seven‘s solo production’s are in charge. This last hour of a live set demonstrates just how he can also lead a crowd with his sets. Good recordings of live dj sets transport you right to that place in time, shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the crowd. This recording, complete with spectator yells and whistles, puts me right on the sweaty dance floor, taking in some relentless techno.


Paula Temple at Bloc. Weekender 2015

Paula didn’t leave an embed option  for this mix on soundcloud, so even better, you can watch her entire set from Bloc Weekender. The thing I like best about Paula Temple is she gets right to the point. No intro to speak of, no need to build the set and work the crowd in slowly, no… just straight to destroying the room. Actually thats the second best thing I like about Paula Temple. The first thing I like is she plays those banging techno tracks form the mid to late 90’s many of us grew up on like Joey Beltram “Ballpark” or Karl O Connor “Guiltless” featured in this set.


After Hours: Strange Spacial Ambiance

DEEP N BASS Mix Series Vol 9 – Mixed by ASC

After that relentless punishment it’s time to taper things down a bit. Step out into some fresh air and that dewy, early morning sunrise before finding a quant after-hours venue to continue your adventures. The way ASC brings his unique interpretation of Drum n Bass with IDM and blends in deep, smooth sounds and experimental electronica we just can’t resist. A beautifully strange mix I would love to sit back on plush couch in a dark-red lit room with a few core friends and ponder on the music we experienced, and continue to endure, for the night.


Dekmantel Podcast 039 – Rrose

We start to take things a bit deeper, darker, and experimental at this point in our after-hours selection with a set from Rrose. Dekmantel worded the mix perfectly here:

“This one hour session is an absorbing one that sucks you deep down a blackened rabbit hole. It is one that recreates his show at this year’s Dekmantel Festival and across the course of an hour invites your mind to get lost in elongated synth lines that slowly drift about like planets in orbit. Occasional percussive patterns and crunchy textures get loosely scattered across the airwaves and along the way the brooding clouds break to let in some blissful rays of optimism. There are few who have a sound as focussed and singular as this, as this podcast proves.”


PoleGroup Radio – Die Black Garde

Our final mix from PoleGroup Radio is another selection from the Brain Networks series. This one from Die Black Garde is a bit of ambient, electro-industrial, and IDM with tracks from the likes of: Coil, Signal, Powell, Dasha Rush, and more.


Synthek — Inner Escape Podcast

We’ve heard lots of great deeper, dubby, to upbeat techno from Synthek over the last year or so, productions and mixes alike (see his Verse 1 EP). But this time we’re pleased to include this soothing, pure ambient mix into our after-hours selection. A beautiful way to begin a path of closure for the night.


Silent Season — Campfire Stories 9 (Rain Dance)

We enjoy each of the Campfire Stories mixes from Silent Season, along with nearly all of their releases. Silent Season is a music label influenced by the natural surroundings of British Columbia, Canada. The sounds of Silent Season grew out of the connection between deep ethereal sounds and the mossy rain forests of Vancouver Island. A soundtrack to some of the most radiant and aural beauty in the world.

Although this particular mix is slightly more upbeat in comparison, and could have easily fit into our afternoon section of mixes, this one caught our attention over and over again. Watch the sunrise with tracks from the likes of Cio D’Or, Donato Dozzy, ASC, and more.

We hope you enjoyed your night.



A Class All Its Own

Dekmantel Podcast 035 – Autechre

We had to give this mix from the legendary Autechre a section all it’s own. Although we surely could have fit it into our night somewhere, this extraordinary music history lesson put down from a 28 year old electronic music act deserves a place of it’s own. A little background and insight from Dekmantel:

When the pair recently laid down an impressive set at Dekmantel Festival, we asked if they might be up for a doing an early inspiration mix, whereby they put together a collection of the sort of electro and hip hop tracks that turned them on as youths. At first they hesitated, pointing out that “we don’t do strictly retro stuff, it’s too corny.” But alas, a few days later, a huge file landed in our inbox… That file is a 4 hour and 18 minute mix that basically encapsulates not just Autechre’s own influences, but also acts as a fine anthology of the greatest electro sounds of all time. Every sub genre imaginable gets touched upon along the way, with nods to forefathers like Kraftwerk, killer cuts from Man Parrish, classics from Newcleus and retro gold from the likes of The Beat Club. It is a thrilling ride and a truly rare treat that reminds us just why we love Autechre, as well as shining a light on a vast genre that often pays second fiddle to house and techno.”


Best Techno Music Podcast 2015

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