Best Electronic Mixes & Podcasts 2016

Best Techno Mixes & Electronic Music Podcasts 2017

We introduce our recommendations for the Best Electronic Mixes & Podcasts 2016. We’ve spent countless hours scouring through the immense multitude of electronic music mixes and podcasts out there so you don’t have to.

Our list for 2016 contains 44 mixes with 50 hours : 14 minutes : 48 seconds of music.

We’ve split our list into 4 sections and for your convenience, depending on your particular electronic music mood, you can navigate directly to each section here.

Don’t see your favorite electronic music mixes of 2016 on the list? Leave us a comment we’d love to hear from you.


Ambient & Mind Expansion

Sit back and relax to these curated dreamscapes and mind expanding tones. I find this music great to get settled into the morning, a companion during deep work at the computer, taking a bit of time to just unwind, or use during meditative work.

Upfront 066: Dream Catalogue

marco franzoni – process part 396 (mirrors, shattered)

UN #47 DeepChord

Solid Steel Radio Show – Roly Porter

RYC Podcast 177 | Inland

PoleGroup Radio/ Architectural

UN #48 Chris SSG


Classic and World Influences

The use of “classic” for this section refers to anything from classical music and jazz, to classic rock and blues, to Motown funk. Some of these mixes also do a wonderful job of topping that all off with beautiful international music from all over the world with Indian and Eastern influences to African and Latin rhythms.

Solid Steel Radio Show – Ben Lukas Boysen

Solid Steel Radio Show – Szun Waves

Solid Steel Radio Show – Khruangbin

Solid Steel Radio Show – Mr G

Solid Steel Radio Show – The Invisible

Solid Steel Radio Show – Calibro 35

Solid Steel Radio Show – Light In The Attic

Dave Howell – 130701 Mix – Electronic Explorations 433

Solid Steel Radio Show – Goat

Solid Steel Radio Show – Chris Menist

Solid Steel Radio Show – Kickflip Mike & Luds


The Strangeness of Everything

The title says it all but you’ll find beautifully strange vocal tracks, to IDM and breakbeat influenced sounds, to downright haunting electronic music. We definitely pick-up the “electronic-ness” of sounds in this section.

Upfront 058: Julianna Barwick

Solid Steel Radio Show – Sevdaliza

Solid Steel Radio Show – Guy Andrews

Solid Steel Radio Show – AKASE

Solid Steel Radio Show – Serendipity

Solid Steel Radio Show – Baba Stiltz & Samo DJ

Bonobo OUTLIER Radio 002 on NTS

Solid Steel Radio Show – worriedaboutsatan

We Will Fail – 426 – Electronic Explorations

Solid Steel Radio Show – Moneyshot + Cheeba (Odelay Tribute Mix)

Hi & Saberhägen – 443 – Electronic Explorations

Solid Steel Radio Show – Warpaint

Campfire Stories 14 (The Gila Outdoor Immersion) by Erin E

Solid Steel Radio Show – Konx-Om-Pax

Rinse Podcast: Chloé invite Moderna & Theus Mago

(水) – Lynne (Tokyo, Japan)

(木) – DJ Yazi (Tokyo, Japan)

LTO – 436 – Electronic Explorations

Random Gods – 432 – Electronic Explorations

Reclaim Your City 184 | Shards


A Bit of Urban Influence

There are moments of straight rap here but it’s truly about the influences, either to the genres themselves or on the Dj presenting the mix, which are undeniably urban hip-hop. Perfect mixes for kicking’ it in the afternoon with peeps or ridin’ dirty through the streets.

Solid Steel Radio Show – Tom Misch

Onra Boiler Room London Live Set

Solid Steel Radio Show – Mighty Atom – Endtroducing Tribute Mix

Neek – 416 – Electronic Explorations

Solid Steel Radio Show – Father

Solid Steel Radio Show – Low Jack

Best Electronic Music Podcast 2016

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