Album Review: Surf City EP

Surf City

Surf City

Few indy EPs, or complete albums for that matter, make an impression on me as Surf City’s self titled EP has. It was released late last year but I only discovered it a few weeks ago. The opening track “Headin’ Inside” begins with classic, early 60’s, southern Cal guitar pickin (though the band calls the other side of the Pacific their home in New Zealand). Then thrashes into upbeat, good times, outdoor party music complete with fun melodies to sing to. The EP continues with “Records Of A Flagpole Skater” further encouraging me to buy a long-board and hit the salty shores. “Dickshakers Union” boasts the groups delightfully playful sounds and intelligently crafted structures. This is the track I could see getting some airtime. “Canned Food” pushes their surfer vision and borderlines and early R.E.M. classic. “Mt. Kill” adds a tween summer time romance to the EP but also add epic space with the intro guitar riff taking center stage. The release closes with “Free The City” which further enforces the good time sing along grooves. The entire release embraces the lo-fi, garage-studio sound with washed-out guitar and vocals, which although I could use a tad less reverb and some decent tracking… right now, it may just be a requirement for a breakout indy release. Highly recommended. I’ll be jammin this on the way to the beach all summer.

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