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Adam Stolz Live In Kona, Hawaii

adam remixx4 Adam Stolz Live In Kona, Hawaii

Adam Stolz has been doing his thing for over a decade. And his new live mix from the Electronic Music Festival in Kona, Hawaii doesn’t disappoint. After listing to it twice this morning, its literally one of those “every track is dope” mixes. A constant hook, with continual hard not to dance to bass lines. I’ve know Adam for almost as long as he’s been at this, and like his new live Mix, he always brings the hot shit.


Adam is inches away from releasing more new tracks, and celebrating the opening of a brand new label called AUTEM in collaboration with a variety of super talents from around the world. Cheers!

Autem001 digital 300x300 Adam Stolz Live In Kona, Hawaii” New Chicago based label, Autem Audio, is the brainchild collaboration of five friends: GVK, Sarp Yilmaz, DJ Da, Adam Stolz and Hearthug. All of them internationally acknowledged artists in their own right they have each enjoyed great success on different labels, now they join forces to establish a new fresh platform to release their own music with soul and passion. The concepts behind Autem are to develop each artists individuality and help push them creatively to new levels while still keeping the sound dance friendly with an underground spirit. The focus and attitude will be driven by a backing of quality production and researched sounds, while keeping the feel deep and yet also with a sense of humor. The Autem camp takes pride in their work and wants listeners to enjoy their productions, especially if that means losing it on the dance floor with smiles on their faces.”

In the months to come we’ll be doing an interview with Adam to discuss his career as an Electronic Music Producer, and DJ, along with the goings on with the new label.

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